Paragon Mimbar / Paragon Raudah

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Maintenance: Chair Pads are recommended to put under chairs with roller coaster to prevent accelerated wear and delamination, thus to preserve appearance
retention. Entry mats shall be placed in buold entryways to reduce soiling. Daily maintenance with a suction vacuum cleaning and preventive maintenance are recommended
and follow the manufacture’s cleaning instruction.

Quality Name: Paragon Mimbar / Paragon Raudah
Quality Construction: Woven Incorporated Wilton
Pile Construction:  Level Cut
Pile Yarn: 100% PP Heat Set
Gauge:  340 x 410
Pile Height: 8.5 mm +/- 1mm
Total Weight: 68 oz p.s.y +/- 5%
Backing: Jute Yarn and Polyster Cotton
Roll Width: 12 Feet